On this page, you will find instructions on how to set up and use the Tasks feature.

Tasks remind users of overdue updates to data sets and indicators, and also support in managing approval workflows for data submissions. The prerequisites for creating tasks are that you have:

  • Assigned responsible persons to your data collections and indicators and

  • Set an update frequency as well as a start date for the frequency

When you have open tasks, you will see a notification badge in the top navigation header bar.

Take the following steps to work with your tasks:

  1. Click the Tasks icon and you will see a preview of your tasks in a popup window.

  2. Click any of the tasks and you are directed to the tasks overview screen.

  3. On the tasks overview screen your tasks are listed on the left side and clicking any of them will open the details to the right side of the screen.

  4. Click Open and you are taken to the item that needs your attention.

  5. Once you have performed the required action, the task is resolved automatically.


If you have a lot of tasks, there are a few ways to work through them more efficiently:

(1) Filter the tasks by task type

(2) Change the sorting order

(3) Clear all resolved tasks (you can also (4) choose not to show completed tasks at all)

Below is an overview of all the different tasks for end users, who they are assigned to and what is needed to resolve them.



To resolve the task



To resolve the task

Indicator update is overdue

User designated as Responsible for the indicator

Add a new status update

Indicator milestone was missed

User designated as Responsible for the indicator

Add an update with a comment

Data collection update is overdue

Users designated as Responsible for reporting for the data collection

Add a new submission

Approve new data collection submission

Users designated as Responsible for approvals for the data collection

Review and approve (or reject) the submission

Revise rejected data collection submission

Creator of the rejected submission

Revise the submission and submit again

Email notifications for tasks

You can subscribe to email notifications for your tasks by following these steps:

  1. Go to your user Settings page

  2. Navigate to the Notifications tab.

  3. Use the “E-mail notifications” toggle.

  4. Select the frequency for the emails (Daily digest of all open tasks, Weekly digest of all open tasks)

  5. Use the “Task notifications” toggle to activate the emails for task notifications.

  6. Save and you are done!