Results and Indicators

On this page you will find an introduction the Results and Indicators features.

CONNECT allows for the configuration of multiple result sets (e.g. BMZ Wirkungsmatrix, Wirkungsdaten, SDGs, etc.). Each result set can be configured via a logframe view or a visual editor (e.g. add levels, results).

Click here to learn how to configure a Result Model.

The indicator achievement can be automatically calculated. For the indicator type “calculated”, users can select a calculation formula to get numbers from data stored within the tool. CONNECT supports this process via a formula editor and a selection of frequently used standard calculations (e.g. count, sum of a number field, grouping by selection fields).

Click here to learn how to add an indicator and its calculation.

Downloading result and indicator data

You have two options for downloading your data:

  1. Download the visual representation of your result hierarchy as a .PNG file on the Result Model tab.

  2. Download the entire result and indicator data in the BMZ (German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development) effct matrix template ('Wirkungsmatrix') in editable text document (.odt). You can initiate the download on the Result Dashboard tab.